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Birds are a widespread group of vertebrates that everyone will bump into on a daily basis, and with 10,000 plus species on Planet Earth displaying a huge amount of variety in size, form, colour and habits, there is a lot of potential to enjoy photographing them.


Bird photography as an art.

Whether it be at home, in a suburban park, in a game reserve or on a beach, birds are everywhere and act as diverse subjects that can be a boon to creative wildlife photographers in their quest to generate arty, thought-provoking images. Instead of capturing an image that will serve merely as an identification shot of a bird, an approach can be taken that will serve to highlight the subject and its environment in way that tells a unique, and hopefully thought-provoking story.

Birds temporarily “defy” the bonds of gravity, giving you a subject that can appear in many different places – earth, water and sky!
As many birds are not confined to terrestrial habitats indefinitely and can temporarily “defy” the bonds of gravity, you end up with a subject that can appear in many different places – earth, water and sky! The joy of this facet of photography is that it can be done virtually anywhere, and this in turn forces one to pay more attention to one’s surrounds and be more receptive to the nuances of a particular locale. Being in tune with your surrounds, we believe, will drive a better appreciation of place, assist in bringing your creative juices to the fore, and render better images!

William Steel.

ORYX is proud to welcome William Steel to the team, a masterful photographer with creative bird photography as one of his favourite subjects!

In a new series of blog posts, William explores various aspects of bird photography and additionally, looks at some of his favourite locations to photograph birds.

Your turn.

We are working on a selection of departures that give you the chance to explore this fascinating subject, but in the meantime, remember to keep exploring with camera in hand. Our feathered friends are all around and you may just end up with a picture that will surprise you!

Our feathered friends are all around and you may just end up with a picture that will surprise you!

From the blog.

Top Tips For Great Bird Photography

Don’t buy the best equipment, buy the equipment that works for you. This is the trap I see far too many people falling into as sometimes the “best” lens isn’t the best lens for the job. Quality and use of light, knowledge of composition, positioning, subject matter, and applications of settings are much more important in creating a great image...

Bird Photography In Chobe National Park

Located in the North of Botswana, the Chobe National Park is the third-largest park in the country. Taking its name from the Chobe River, which acts as Botswana’s Northern border between Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, the Chobe National Park boasts the...

Creating Powerful Silhouettes

One of the first things that attracts people to bird photography, is the incomparable beauty of the diverse and unique as semblance of species. The striking colours, the intricate details, and their incredible adaptations to the environment. The longer you spend admiring birds, the more you realise the endless array of stunning characteristics from one to another...

Marius Coetzee & The ORYX Team

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